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Dana Vianna

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I was lucky enough to be called to help CNAES, a Canadian research network supported by NSERC’s Strategic Network Grants program, which encourages large-scale, multidisciplinary, collaborative research projects that could improve Canada’s economy, society and environment within the next decade. CNAES is a five-year Strategic Network funded by NSERC and multiple partners that began in 2012. It is a consortium of approximately 30 researchers from 11 universities, government, and industrial partners, plus over 80 graduate students and post-doctoral researchers, that conducts research on aquatic ecosystems services. The CNAES mission is to conduct research and training in aquatic ecosystems services across Canada: nutrient cycling, water and food provision, flood regulation, recreational and spiritual benefits, amongst many others. CNAES work will provide government, industry, and other stakeholders with the information and approaches essential for making informed decisions regarding economic development while protecting the environment. I took care for them of the layout of the annual report that has to showcase all the researchs that this NSERC is running help by Dana Moiana Vianna, Executive Director and content editor and coordinator of this project.

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